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Professional Documentary Photographer Based in Lagos, Nigeria.

The still images embraces a moment and offers it again, holding a memory to be cherished and shared. From the fondness found in exchanged glances, the giddy excitement of a bride to be and the delicate piece from a candid documentary.

Hi! My name is Gbemiga,the head chronicler of the Brand, and through photography We weave together a narrative of what is most treasured and true… Our Goal is to create something distinctively Yours.. Something you’d be proud to display…something for posterity and something worth the investment…Beyond the high quality products for final delivery… Beyond the experience our Business is centered around… Beyond the eye for details and artistic thought process as our core competence…. We are a photography company you can TRUST.. We are continually inspired by the people we photograph and also by life’s journeys and Our work is a blend of both the loving classic and narrative,it celebrates the delicious art of being a Human.

Based in Lagos, Nigeria. We are available for both destination and local weddings, lifestyle celebration of families and children,corporate/editorial photography and other projects and collaborations.

Let us tell your STORY.



Collaboration and communication is an integral part of our work. We ensure that every project we take on tells a story. But in telling a great story, we ensure that we clearly define our client's goals and objectives. Here are a few companies we have worked for.


We're always happy to discuss new projects and opportunities. Feel free to reach out to us from the contact page or our social media pages.

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