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Be Different

“The heights that great men reached and kept were not attained by sudden flight..but they.. while their companion slept were toiling upwards in the night” – Henry Wadsworth.

So recently I invested approximately $250 on some photography books from amazon ranging from the business, instructional/technical and personal development categories of Books… Am I “MAD”?, Oh Yes I am, I want to “M”ake “A”  “D”ifference in my Business and Brand both as a photographer and an individual. This kind of investment in knowledge is ‘importanter’ so we can be better positioned for all the imminent opportunities that will add up to the ones we have on ground already.

The least that could happen with an investment like this is to set oneself up for inevitable success as a by-product but most importantly to further gain Clarity..Expertise..Mastery and Speed in the right direction and invariably to have an helicopter view and understanding of the tasks/market niche as it concerns the industry I function in.

Quality they say… is not an accident…. It is always the result of high intentions…sincere efforts…intelligent direction and skillful execution…It represents the wise choice of many alternatives…

So how are you positioning yourself or brand as a preference over the many alternatives that abounds in your industry or sphere of endeavour… It starts with you being different… Knowing that this is your personal power and that life will not reward you based on your similarities with others…So today.. take the courage to embrace your difference…It is your critical success..greatness and relevance factor

Go!!! and do something differently..!

I remain your Photographers’ most favourite Photographer


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