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Levels Of Capacity

Discover your #Gift or #Talent and work on it to become a #Skill, What is a SKILL…this is an organised talent that has been converted to a recognisable,transferable and rewardable format. then take that skill to a level of #Competence,what is COMPETENCE, this is a proof of a positively deployed SKILL.

The next level of capacity is #Expertise, What does it mean to be and EXPERT..An expert at something is somebody with a proven track record of #COMPETENCIES at getting things done over and over again, and just when you’re settling down at that level, there’s a final level of capacity called #AUTHORITY, At this level, you would have already become an Avant-garde, you dictate the pace,you birth new innovative ideas of the next level of thinking and way of getting things done in your field,you Inspire people with what you do.This is the level I am personally working towards myself. 😁😛💪

So as you go about your quotidian activities of providing services and adding value to people, Do it differently, Do it with finesse, Do it with panache,Do it with excellence,spice it up with some “YOU”niqueness..Blaze a trail,set the pace, #Change and #Elevate your game.



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