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Readers are Leaders

I am a fan of the popular Quote by Thomas Huxley: “Try to learn everything about something… And something about everything.!!”

One of my role model once said: “You will be rewarded and recognised only for your #Difference….this is your personal #power… It is your critical #success, #greatness and relevance factor..!”

Besides every job leaving it’s residue..a bit of extra knowledge and a new skill’v got to be deliberate with what data and resources you allow your mind to draw from your environment to make your #passion..#skills better and stronger.. It is always rewarding to be a wide scope researcher and a confluence of #knowledge.

You should never expect an excellent pay if what you offer in skill is average… Invest in yourself… Improve yourself and attain #excellence..!! To do this… you have got to always be HUNGRY!!!!!!!! 😀

I read on the timeline of one of the great minds I draw inspirations from daily Peter Ochuko Kajovo and he stated: “Have the right content-container balance so you can attract and retain #attention, #money and #opportunities..!”

Lastly and most importantly… Always remember that when you have a clear picture of your #purpose in God. You will not and never be in competition with other people but #YOURSELF ..!

I remain your Photographers’ most favourite Photographer.. 😉 And I hope this inspires someone.🙂

Image Credit: by Yours truly (phone photography) and if you are interested in this books and more please feel free to request for them and I will gladly direct you to where I bought them 😝😝😂😂


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