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What Qualities Do You Look Out For in a Photographer

Often time i ask myself why clients pick me over a cornucopia list of photographers that are rife on the Social radar i.e Instagram and Facebook.. Usually when i ask them, the response i get is the hackneyed Feedback of “We/I love your work”… But i am playing the Oliver twist role today, i want to hear and know “more” 

So what guides or informs the decision to engage the Services of one over the other.. Below are list of Elements/preferences that i assume Clients look out for in a photographer before settling for one for that Big event such as Weddings and Anniversaries.

Which joint or Single Element below will Dominate your choice of Photographer for that big event going forward or on the one you had recently. Be sincere oo…!! 

The Photographer must have/be:

1. Affordable
2. Creative /artistic
3. A staggering Social Media following
4. Popular /shoots for the elites
5. Detailed eye for images
6. Consistent in Posting images on the internet
7. Highly recommended or endorsed by friends etc
8. Sharp and stunning images
9. You can answer this by sending me a mail on


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