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Why camera phones, iPads and selfie sticks are ruining weddings?

Out of all the people that work to make a
wedding possible, the professional journalistic
wedding photographer faces more hassle than others..stay with me I am going somewhere… 😁

All brides want each element of their wedding to come together without a hitch to create the
moment of a lifetime.

The cake will be eaten, the dresses will fade, and the flowers will wilt overtime, but “artistic” wedding photography will last for generations.

However…how can we be “artistic” when we have to contend and wrestle with a set of people I have personally tagged “PHONE”graphers at weddings… This set of people are your friends.. Guests …Sisters.. Brothers.. Uncles… “Mo gbo Mo ya’s”…😂 Even you..yes “YOU” reading this post write now or don’t you stylishly flaunt your newly acquired iPhone/Samsung/Tecno phones at weddings ni… 😋😝 all in the bid to take shots of the couple but you end up ruining the moment for the photographer because you have refused to leave thesame spot you have been standing like forever…

Yes I agree… It’s a day of joy..everyone is excited and happy for the couple however that job description of photographing should be left for the hired professional photographer.

Banning phones and cameras may sound a little strong, but it isn’t about banning them, it is about getting your guest to understand that you have hired a professional wedding photographer and that they can view these photos once ready or they can try not to be too obtrusive when taking this shots with their mobile phones if they really have to take them. You want your guests to understand that you want them to be there and enjoy the moment.

Do you think likewise or Otherwise….please let me read from you. 😀

Gbemiga August


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