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Work Hard and Smart

Shebi you know that popular prayer “may your helper locate you” or “May you locate your helper” some will even say “you will jam your helper”😁 is not enough to scream AMEN!! to that prayer if you dont do your own part of working..grinding..hustling very hard and smart.You will never jam anything except a moving vehicle. 😂😂

Any transition that lacks momentum will only birth stagnation..So you have got to be working and deliberately position yourself for that helper to locate you.. People have what you want but you’ve got to place a demand on yourself by saturating your mind with the required knowledge and skill to get it from them..dont just sit around and keep hoping.

Hope is not an independent variable…it is a dependent one..if all a man has is Hope then such a man is setting himself up for a miserable’ve got to do what is required of you while you hope for it to materialise.

This is your photographers’ most favourite photographer saying BE EXCEPTIONAL!!! ✌👌


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